Konstantinos Doulfis

Case Funding and Contingency Fees

Our office is willing to adopt in specific cases after an evaluation of the surrounding circumstances and facts and on an ad hoc basis contingency fees which facilitate the administration and the handling of the case primarily in the interest of the Principals.

Understandably in this case clients are not supposed to pay any legal fees (except for expenses, court costs etc) until sums are recovered from the defendant. Contingency fee amounts to a percentage of the sums recovered pursuant to the specific agreement between KDLAW and the Principal.

Not all type of cases are suitable for contingency fee. This will depend primarily on the following parameters:

i. The merits of the claim. Contingency fee are applicable to cases with strong merit and high prospects of success.
ii. The value of the claim. Contingency fee are applicable to realistic and significant claims and
iii. The opponent's creditworthiness and ability to pay the award as well as the prospects of successfully enforcing the judgment against the opponent's assets.

It is noted that we are always pleased to discuss flexible fee arrangements including offering capped fees, reduced fees and other litigation funding methods.