Konstantinos Doulfis

Antitrust disputes resolution

We advise on all types of disputes and assist companies develop sound risk management strategies, litigation risk and exposure assessments. We assist clients in matters such as abuse of dominance / monopolisation, breach of competition rules etc, which usually entail initiation of civil proceedings seeking damages and compensation. It is true that private actions have now been favored by E.U legislation not only in the form of interim relief but also through ordinary civil proceedings. In this respect it is stressed that our combined experience in litigation and antitrust disputes may offer added value in our handling of contentious cases between companies or companies and its suppliers or customers.

Data Protection - GDPR

We provide assistance on all aspects of privacy compliance related legal support, i.e. assisting Companies in preparing for the GDPR, managing data security breaches, liaising with Competent Regulating Authorities, defending privacy law suits, monitoring regulatory developments, mapping all personal data processed and collected by our clients, how they were obtained and the parties are being shared with and reviewing the grounds under wich personal data are being processed.

Employment litigation

Our expertise is in part due to our very diverse client base. We act for both employers and employees in all respects of employment law and have a unique understanding of the methods and tactics used by both sides. We provide specialist legal services and advise on all aspects of contentious and non contentious legal matters by adopting a realistic and balanced approach. We represent our clients in all sphere of employment disputes including but not limited to claims for unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, wrongful selection of redundancy, sex discrimination, unlawful deduction of wages etc.

Company Law

We advise companies, corporate groups and entrepreneurs on every aspect of their commercial arrangements and business affairs as well as on matters with respect to their incorporation, restructuring, governance and day-to-day issues relating to regulatory, stock market and company law compliance. In addition, we are highly experienced in conducting due diligence reviews and drafting all necessary documentation for liquidations and mergers and acquisitions.

Real estate

With vast experience in acting for both tenants and landlords as well as for administrators of the most prominent building complexes of Athens we have a pragmatic understanding of the issues our clients face in managing real estate. We provide our services in assisting our clients in commercial and residential property transactions and in negotiating leases for both landlords and tenants. We provide strategic advice in the legal aspects of managing your property portfolio, including but not limited to acquisition and sales, lease structuring, property investment and portfolio management

Intellectual Property

We offer high quality services with regard to the registration and protection of IP rights including trademarks, copyright and domain names, being also experienced in drafting licensing and assignment agreements and advising on the legal steps to be taken in case of unauthorized use of IP rights.


Our Office
• provides strategic and pragmatic advice and planning at the early stages of transactions to identify tax effective structures and avoid liabilities across the range of commercial and financial transaction
• has the depth of experience to ensure tax planning is documented and implemented effectively.
• advises on all aspects of domestic and international tax, providing a full support within the practice areas of our office
• has the experience to coordinate international tax advice on cross border transactions as well as on establishment of companies abroad.
• represents clients in the resolution and litigation of tax disputes before tax authorities and administrative courts